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. Morning sermon (Katha).

. If you aim at the common good, do not lose compassion.
. Be selfless.
. If you want peace, live with life.
. Don’t forget yourself.
. Rejoice in the good of others.
. Jealousy Don’t be short-tempered.
. Take action that does not limit others.
. Don’t mask the common good.
. Be right in the direction of consciousness.
. Do not aim for happiness.
. Let him make no pretense of his vanity, and let him be without pretense of his sin.
. bribes arising from work; public praise, popularity Don’t be cynical about history.
. Always full of courage.

Taung Kalay Sayartaw

( Google လိုင်းပေါ်မှ ဘာသာပြန်ဆိုပေးမှုအတိုင်းသာ တင်ပြခြင်း ဖြစ်သည်။)
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